Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Waxing, Swirl Removal, etc...

Now that you probably spent about an hour or two doing the inside, the car has had time to drip dry from all the cracks, mirrors, jams, etc and should be good to wax. If there are considerably swirls in scratches in your paint, I would recommend using Meguiar’s #9 Swirl Remover with the Porter Cable 7424 to apply it with. The product can be found: . Work one panel at a time for this, and let it dry to a faint haze, once this is done, you are safe to remove it with a Microfiber towel. Once you’re done with the car and this product, begin to use the Meguiar’s Show Car Glaze (Professional Series as well), Oh, I forgot to mention, if you are using the PC 7424, use the yellow (most aggressive) cutting pad with the Swirl Remover. For the Show Car Glaze, switch to the white pad, and go ahead and do a few panels and again wait for it to dry to a haze before removing. Once you’re done with one part, finish up the car, and do the other parts, and then move on to the next stage: Carnauba. I must admit, this is the one time I really break away from my Meguiar’s loyalty. I absolutely love the Mother’s Carnauba wax, and it even smells good, which is always a plus. This goes on VERY easily, and takes little time to set-up. If you’re using the 7424, stay with the white pad for this, and just lay it on top of the Show Car Glaze. When you’re done with this step, my final layer is always Meguiar’s NXT for colored cars, but not DARK colored cars. For those I also break away from my loyalty, and go to the Mother’s Reflections. When you begin to use this, switch to the black (finishing) pad, and put it panel by panel and allow about 5 minutes for it to set-up, and then go at it with your Microfiber towel and hopefully if you are not completely incompetent, your car should look AMAZING.
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