Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Best Swirl Removal

As you'll read in another post of mine, for swirl removal, I recommend Meguiar's Professional Series Swirl Remover 2.0. However, I find that the best route for very minor swirl removal caused by drying a vehicle numerous times, using a towel, light scratching, etc. For a more serious scratch/swirls, I HIGHLY recommend Poorboy's SSR2.5 and Poorboy's SSR1. These are the best swirl removers that I have ever used and cannot say enough good things about them. So, GO BUY THEM! After you buy them, and wash your car, spread a little bit of the SSR2.5 onto a yellow Wolfgang Concourse pad around the edge, and lightly rub it onto the surface of your car in a about a 2'x2' area, and set your PC 7424 to speed 6 (yes, that is the fastest speed, and your hands will likely hurt if you keep it on for a long time.) You don't need to let it "cure" for anytime since it actually contains absolutely no wax, natural or synthetic. Once you're done with the 2.5, repeat the process with the SSR1, and then go on to using a good Carnauba Wax and then a Sealant. Sit back, and enjoy perfection.



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